How to program a speaking robot

– shrinking the gap between expectations and reality.

When I was offered an internship as a “Robot personality designer” with Furhat Robotics, a small swedish company that produces one of the worlds most sophisticated interactive Social Robots, I did not think twice. I was super happy to try the role, part of a campaign on future jobtitles. I got to take baby steps in robot programming, and a starstruck selfie with robot creator Samer Al Moubayed.

This is how I got connected with the Furhat.

Social Robot Head and computor
My social robot lab. Photo © Aminata Grut
Under the hood. Video © Furhat Robotics
Instructions on a screen and an instructor
Ludvig Linse, Head of Interaction at Furhat Robotics, gives me, and some other prospects, a short introduction to the SDKs currently being tried out for programming of the robot skills. Photo © Aminata Grut
My go-to-person Quinten and frontend developer Sam
My go-to-person Quinten Stekelenburg, Software Developer at Furhat Robotics (to the left), and Sam Lindley, Frontend Developer (to the right).
Non-biased recruiting? Video © Furhat Robotics and TNG Rekrytering.
At the railway station in Frankfurt. Video © Furhat Robotics
Aminata with founder Samed
Looking crazy in a starstruck selfie with founder and CEO Samer Al Moubayed. In the background, Furhat robot Petra. Photo © Aminata Grut / Samer Al Moubayed
Video © Bloomberg
discussions in front of a computer screen
Quinten Stekelenburg and Ludvig Linse discussing software solutions.
Testing the robots at the Museum of Science in Stockholm. Video © Furhat Robotics
Changing the face of the robot
Changing faces is easy, with the magnetic 3D Furhat silicone masks. Photo: Furhat Robotics

UX Designer & UX Writer, with some Frontend skills. Journalist. IP/Author's Rights. Tech. New Digital Media. Networking across the Globe. Ex board mbr RSF/SE.

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