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  • Greg Satell

    Greg Satell

    Bestselling Author of Cascades and Mapping Innovation, @HBR Contributor, - Learn more at www.GregSatell.com — note: I use Amazon Affiliate links for books.

  • Hoang Nguyen

    Hoang Nguyen

    A designer who loves writing. Site: https://hoang.moe/

  • Yael Ben-David

    Yael Ben-David

    UX writer specializing in complex products. Passionate about making tech accessible to mass markets. Also a proud em dash enthusiast.

  • Balasubramanyn Meenakshisundaram

    Balasubramanyn Meenakshisundaram

    Content designer. Grammar police. Curious mind. Word nerd. Lazy blogger.

  • Steve QJ

    Steve QJ

    Race. Politics. Culture. Sometimes other things. Almost always polite. Find more at https://steveqj.substack.com

  • Andres Zapata

    Andres Zapata

    ID, UX, IA geek. I love design, technology, marketing, my wife, and 4 kids. Lead idfive and teach at MICA + Uni of Baltimore. Finishing UX doctorate in ‘21.

  • Nils Paulsson

    Nils Paulsson

    After 15 years in tabloid journalism I now pivot for UX design with big curiousity for the user.

  • Mike Monteiro

    Mike Monteiro

    English is my second language. You were my first.

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